One of the most efficient services we provide for many companies and brands is sales consultancy. Services we provide within the scope of sales consultancy; selling digital codes, creating physical sales channels, e-commerce system integrations, and bank integrations.

PIN sale

We increase the sales of digital codes or pin codes offered to their users by desktop / mobile game / application developers or web services through our sales channels.

Physical Sales Channels

We turn your digital codes into physical gift cards and sell them in more than 10 thousand physical stores. In this way, your customers can easily buy your products, and your brand awareness / visibility increases.

E-Commerce Integrations

We offer your physical or digital products for sale on many e-commerce sites we work with. In this way, your products are much more accessible to users, and your brand awareness increases. You should try our e-commerce integration service, which directly affects your sales numbers.

Bank Integrations

Thanks to this service we offer to our customers who want to sell their products easily with low credit card commissions in Turkey or the MENA region, customers can buy your products easily and securely. In addition, we can integrate the sales of your digital products directly into popular banks and payment channels.