As Kreatif Medya, we try to operate in every field that our customers need. We make a difference with the creative solutions we offer for our customers who need different field operations.

Technical Production

We do all the planning and arrangements for the events, exhibitions, live shows, and conferences you want to organize. The logistics, installation, and operation of the necessary equipment are carried out by us.

Sound and Light Systems

Our expert production team will set up all sound and lighting systems that will be used during your outdoor shootings or organizations you will organize.

Outdoor Shooting

We can make all the video and photo shoots you want in fairs, congresses, or other organizations for you with our experienced team.

Meeting, Event & Fair Organizations

We can also organize special events on your behalf with all of our field operation services such as technical production, sound and light systems, outdoor shooting. Finding the event venue, creating an event program, preparing participant invitations, setting up sound and lighting systems, setting up photo and video shoots, and much more.