If you want to take part in the digital world and introduce your brand to more users, we have many different services that we can offer you as Kreatif Medya. We add value to your brand with our expert team and help you reach your goals much more easily with our digital marketing solutions.

Influencer Marketing

We increase the visibility and awareness of your brand with the help of our collaborations with popular publishers and content creators on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and Tiktok. We are currently working with more than 200 publishers in Turkey and the MENA region. It is now very easy to get ahead of your competitors with the creative content ideas we will present to you.

Social Media Marketing

Our teammates, who are experts in social media marketing, create and follow up your brand’s advertising campaigns for you. We periodically share the reports on advertising campaigns with our customers. You should try our social media marketing solutions to increase both your brand awareness and product sales.

Content Marketing

We create, publish and distribute content or press releases for your brand and products. Many new users will get to know your brand with your content to be published on Turkey’s leading media and technology platforms.

Social Media Management

With our expert team, we take over the management of your brand’s social media accounts from the beginning to the end and manage your brand’s social media accounts like our own. We offer you services in many different areas such as preparing and sharing content, replying to comments and messages from users, and community management.


Do you have a website or app? Do you want to rank higher in the words you choose in search engines or App Stores? Then you may be interested in the SEO, SEM, or ASO services we will offer for you. With our experienced team, we can provide you more web traffic or app installation.

Ad Management

Do you want your digital ads to be managed? Reaching more users with much more affordable budgets is not a dream. Our teammates, who are experts in digital advertising, manage your ads on your behalf and help you achieve success.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the services we offer for our customers, whose goal is to increase product sales and brand awareness, is affiliate marketing. We bring you together with sales partners that we think are suitable for your brand and products. Sales partners will run the marketing campaigns of your products and increase the number of sales.

E-Sports Tournaments & Events

Want to organize an event, fair, or tournament to promote your brand or products but don’t know where to start? Do not worry because we can organize events for your brand or products for you with our experienced team. At this point, you can be sure that we have carried out all the planning and preparations in the most efficient way.